born 1985 in Heidelberg, lives and works in Karlsruhe
2005 - 2011 AkdBK Karlsruhe with Anselm Reyle, Olaf Holzapfel,
Prof. Ernst Caramelle, Prof. Toon Verhoef
Solo / Two Person Shows
2016 - Who am I speaking to? It should be an answer to whatever.
It should be an idea of something. It should be a question to whomsoever. 

Artworkroom Gallery, Hainfeld
2015 - The marvellous treasures of paradises
Pförtnerhaus, Freiburg
2015 - A crater is blasted into the surface of the moon. No specific shape.
with Aleschija Seibt, SSBA Salon, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
2015 - Nacht
Landgericht Baden-Baden
2014 - At the End of Days Zombies are Crawling up the Walls
with Maximilian Arnold, (project space) Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe
2013 - Palmen und andere Palmen
with Nele-Marie Gräber, (project space) Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe
2013 - Tracing the frontier
V8 Platform for contemporary Art, Karlsruhe
2012 - Lobby
Lobby-Project, Karlsruhe
2011 - Edle Bohne
with Maximillian Arnold, Mucharaum, Karlsruhe
2010 - Malerei
(Grant of Kunstverein Rastatt) Kunstverein Rastatt
Selected Group Shows
2017 - Tutto meno un etto
(project space) Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe
2016 - Flirt #2
Project space Ameisenberg, Stuttgart
2015 - prototypisch
M54, Basel
2015 - Let's come together, right now, oh yeah, in sweet harmony (Höhenluft #10)
Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen e.V.
2015 - There are good chances to get along
Arfmann & Berger, Karlsruhe
2014/2015 - Form follows form follows form
Kunsthalle Basel
2014 -Amsterdam-Karlsruhe
Achter de Ramen, Amsterdam
2014 - The unknown always seems sublime
(project space) Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe
2013 - 8 Jahre V8 Plattform
V8 Platform for contemporary Art, Karlsruhe
2012 / 2013 - Sara Wahl, Aleschija Seibt, Simon Pfeffel, Christian Falkner 
(project space) Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe
2011 - Höhenluft  #1
Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen e.V.
2011 - Christian Falkner, Simone Häfele, Woo Jin Lee, Ana Navas, Jörg Sobott
Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam
2010 - Neckarsteinach
Allotment gardens Am Ostring, Karlsruhe